At MONTIS CAPITAL, we apply a consistent approach to all of our investments, which we believe forms the basis for successful investing. We embrace creativity and flexibility while avoiding unnecessary complexity; we take a partnership approach to our work; and we work diligently to support our partners with the resources necessary to succeed. The basic attributes of this approach include the following:

Treat people with respect. We believe that successful investing depends on relationships, and we strive to be respectful, constructive, open and fair. We demonstrate our respect by being responsive to all of our constituents and delivering on our promises.

Embrace creativity and flexibility while avoiding unnecessary complexity. The ability to be creative and flexible is critical in structuring transactions that meet the needs of multiple constituents. However, we avoid unnecessary complexity that can interfere with efficiency, misalign interests or create barriers to success.

Partner with outstanding management. We believe that good management is the key to successful investing. We seek out excellent managers and support them in building long-term value.

Provide significant equity incentives for management. Partnership means more than working together - it means sharing in the rewards of success. We believe it is critical for management to have a significant equity interest in their business, and we structure each investment accordingly.

Utilize sensible capital structure. We utilize a sensible capital structure for each investment, including sufficient capital to support the strategic priorities of the business.

Provide necessary resources to management. We roll up our sleeves and work diligently to assist management with advice, business contacts, capital and other critical resources needed to build long-term value. We also leverage our network of investors, advisors and operating executives to provide strategic resources and assistance.